Welcome to “Home Free” Hypnosis

It has long been my dream to be able to help people solve problems they face. We all get caught in habits and patterns that create road blocks for our lives. Sometimes it creates just an inconvenience, sometimes it is a serious risk to our health, livelihood and to or others, keeping us from living our lives to the fullest. We try everything we can think of, to no avail, and we now turn to outside help.


Until I studied hypnosis, I was just another friend trying to help, without the tools to really get to the bottom of the problems. I realized that you can reason only so much of the problems away, then you hit the wall that we all put up to protect ourselves. The negative self talk, self-doubt, put-downs taken to heart, and past failures suddenly seem to grow in our minds, and without help, they win. We give up loosing weight or continue smoking, because we convince ourselves that we can’t do it, the stress is going to be too much, or what ever excuse we can come up with. We may allow a fear of flying to keep us from visiting far away family or friends. Chronic pain or pain after surgery often leaves us under heavy influence of habit-forming drugs just to be able to bear life. Lack of confidence may hinder our social life, job or school performance. How about loss of motivation, focus and concentration in sports, work and play? The list can go on and on, but…


Do any of these seem to ring your bell? Can you add others to the list? Isn’t it time to get some help? Aino Welch and “Home Free” Hypnosis is here for you.


My goal is to help you, from the comfort of your home. I am confident my proven track record and successful work with clients across the world, using the internet will benefit you too. We will discuss your goals, physical or emotional pain and we will map out a plan for how I can help you change, in a comfortable non-confrontational and totally confidential way. I am confident you will enjoy working with me, I know that you can overcome any obstacle standing in the way of your happiness in life with my help.

Leave me a comment, or send me an email: NPhypnosis(at)gmail(dot)com. You can add Skype name if you like,  it will not be posted, as this blog is moderated for privacy! I will get back with you, to set up a time for us to talk.

Questions You May Have Asked Yourself…

Home Free Hypnosis is all about helping you with the problems you want to solve. I work with you over the internet, so you can find me no matter where your job takes you or how isolated you are.

• Do you want the comfort and privacy of therapy in your favorite chair?

• Is there something that has been bothering you for a long time?

• Do want to give up smoking once and for all?

• Are you sleeping well at night?

• Do you feel uneasy speaking in front of groups?

• Is your sports performance off just a bit, and you would like to gain concentration and focus to give  you an edge?

• Are you battling an addiction that affects your work and ability to live a balanced life?

• Are you about to have surgery, and wanting it to be a more positive and healing experience?

• Do you just want to learn how to relax and recharge your energy,  even in a 10 min break?

• Are you pregnant and wanting to have a natural birth without all the medications?

• Are you stressing because of upcoming examinations in school or at work?

• Is eating becoming a sport, not a necessity?

• Is a fear keeping you from enjoying life to it’s fullest?

If you find any of these questions ringing your bell, hypnosis can help you regain control of your life.

The Yaaruin, a Native Alaskan Story Knife, Inspires Me Today..

Living in Alaska there are always interesting things to learn and draw parallels from when the many cultures mix and mingle. Last year I came across a local woman selling a “Yaaruin” – a story knife. This was a Yupik Eskimo tool that that was used to illustrate oral stories during story telling. It was a piece of drift wood carved into the shape of a knife and it was used to smooth moist sand with one side to create a ‘blank’ page, and with the more pointed edge draw in the sand illustrating the story.


I bought one; it is sitting right here on my desk. It works great as a reminder for me that even though hypnotists do not use a ‘Yaaruin’ to create imagery, we do use words to create pictures for our clients. Like the ‘Yaaruin’ created out of a piece of driftwood, we take the ‘driftwood’ information that a client gives us in our intake interview and throughout our sessions, shape it and use it to help the client get their ‘stories’ to match what they  are seeking in life. One can say that I ‘draw’ with words; create images and illustrations for my client, helping them by showing them how they can access the resources they already posses.

But, the Yaaruin  also reminds me that my job is to help the client smooth the sand; the sand that represents the client’s issues problems and desires, so that they can create the story of success and enjoyment of reaching their goals. Keeping in mind the image of a story that is brought to life thru traditional story telling and illustrations drawn in the sand motivates me to create interesting ways of illustrating solutions and possibilities for my clients.

I am looking forward to working with you, and you may bring your own Yaaruin, if you like!



Hypnosis….Feel better!

Is hypnosis a panacea? Of course not, but a wide range of issues can be helped,  some in as little as one session, using hypnosis. Some of the areas that hypnosis has been especially effective is removal of fears, motivation, changing of ineffective or dangerous habits, pain relief and the list goes on. We all  know how our body is effected by the way we feel mentally, so it is no wonder that we can think our selves sick, so why not think ourselves well instead.

Hypnosis can help us overcome that mental block we tend to throw in the way of improving ourselves. It helps us bypass the fear we have whether real or perceived.

Hypnosis….Feel better!

Visualizing and imagining IS a way to success!

Sounds incredible? Well… let me tell you a story…

Greyhound, a famous harness race horse.

As a youngster in high school, I ran the 800 m in track. I was in reasonable condition, but rather lazy. I really didn’t care to do all the training. Yet, I was most of the time second fastest in the school, and was satisfied with that, because I knew how much the other girl trained. I soon found out that I could, on sheer doggedness and a good overall stamina, lay myself in on the heals of the front runners, and simply stay there coasting. Then as we came to the final turn, pull out and have enough energy to beat them. What I utilized was visualization and my imagination.

As I was running, I imagined I was a famous standard breed harness horse. I worked and trained these trotters to race, and so during my 800 m races, I visualized myself as being driven, just like a horse, held back, preserving energy for the final stretch. Often we used two cotton balls, inserted like earplugs in the horse’s ears, to keep them from getting too excited and break out of their clean trot. The cotton balls were attached to a string, running along the reins back to the driver. At just the right moment in the final corner, the driver would “Pull the Cotton” and the extra noise would give the horse an extra lift of energy.

I used that strategy and imagined my “cotton being pulled,”  as I would sprint for home. It worked rather well.  Later as our team rose in standings, I supplemented the imaginary noise with a few friends, who would strategically place themselves in the corner and yell my name.  I had already conditioned myself to that keyword, and the combination of the mental training and the outside trigger gave me many chances to improve our teams standing.

So, if I could do this without any guidance from anyone, how much do you think you could do, if you got a little help from your powerful subconscious mind. It has all the resources, but they are held back by the doubt or limiting beliefs we have. I can help you find those resources, to make you stay in a ‘clean trot.’  I can teach you how to ‘pull your cotton,’ at the right moment for lots of extra power in the final stretch!

Isn’t now the time to do something for your future? Contact me by sending me an email and let me know how you want to learn new ways to put your full mind to work for you!