Focusing on the Goal, not the Terrain!

Have you ever moved over a piece of road that was uneven or over natural terrain, like in cross country running or orienteering? If you haven’t, you may not realize that a lot of the progress we make is guided by a subconscious effort of our brains. Often when I run, I focus on a point ahead of me and make a short term goal. Get to that bridge I see in the distance or pass the crossroads by the old farm, etc.  It keeps me focused on a goal, and not the terrain right under my feet.   I let my feet worry about the terrain.  Yes, I am aware of hazards and unevenness, but  I allow my automatic responds to guide my feet.  If  I ever tried to actually consciously guide my feet on uneven terrain, it would most likely become a very slow process. Our subconscious mind communicated so much faster with our feet, muscles and balance than we could ever  do by thinking of it.

So when we in our lives encounter the metaphorical uneven terrain and hazards, does it not make sense to allow our subconscious mind to help us in keeping our balance? What if we could make it to understand what we want it to do, where we want to go and how we want to get there? Could we not then expect to get there faster and safer than if we worked on it in a more conscious way?

When we face a problem, an addiction, a fear or pain, we try to reason it away. Logic is a very conscious process. What if that unconscious part of us could help, but we don’t let it, because we keep thinking that we should be able to figure it out on our own? If our conscious and unconscious minds are congruent, meaning they both are on board with our goal and the way we want to achieve it, the process is much easier and we achieve the goal faster.

Using hypnosis as a tool, we can bypass that critical part of us that keep putting up road blocks. Obstacles like the little voice inside telling us that we are never going to achieve what we have in mind, how hard it is going to be, and what fools we are to even think it can be done…. We convince ourselves we can’t do it, and of course then… we are right!

Your mind is very powerful… isn’t it time to put it to work for you and not against you? Contact me and I will share with you, how I can help you make changes to your life, by changing your focus and congruency!

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