Questions You May Have Asked Yourself…

Home Free Hypnosis is all about helping you with the problems you want to solve. I work with you over the internet, so you can find me no matter where your job takes you or how isolated you are.

• Do you want the comfort and privacy of therapy in your favorite chair?

• Is there something that has been bothering you for a long time?

• Do want to give up smoking once and for all?

• Are you sleeping well at night?

• Do you feel uneasy speaking in front of groups?

• Is your sports performance off just a bit, and you would like to gain concentration and focus to give  you an edge?

• Are you battling an addiction that affects your work and ability to live a balanced life?

• Are you about to have surgery, and wanting it to be a more positive and healing experience?

• Do you just want to learn how to relax and recharge your energy,  even in a 10 min break?

• Are you pregnant and wanting to have a natural birth without all the medications?

• Are you stressing because of upcoming examinations in school or at work?

• Is eating becoming a sport, not a necessity?

• Is a fear keeping you from enjoying life to it’s fullest?

If you find any of these questions ringing your bell, hypnosis can help you regain control of your life.

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