Medical community recognizes hypnosis with new study!

It is always nice when you see positive proof for something that sometimes is hard to put a finger on. Here is a news story on how hypnosis is helping people dealing with cancer pain after and during surgery, and even how it is used in place of anesthesia during surgery. Put your mind to work for you….!

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5 comments to Medical community recognizes hypnosis with new study!

  • This is amazing stuff, Aino.

    Thanks you for sharing this with us. I have to tell you all that I used a little pre-surgical hypnosis on one of my clients when she had her hip surgically repaired after a fall, and she recovered in about half of the time her surgeon expected. So, this stuff works.

    Take Care,

    David Paul

  • I’ve always been a massive cynic with this sort of thing…until last summer. I was in absolute agony with sciatic pain which travelled down my leg. For about 4 months I could barely walk. After thirty yards I would have to sit or even lie down.
    A friend of a friend was in town and we got talking. He told me of his skill in hypnotism and how it might help with my pain.
    Wow! Within literally half an hour of our session the pain was gone!!!!

    Now me….utter cynic as I am, was gobsmacked. It hasn’t returned either. Go figure. I don’t care, I’m pain free. Somethings definitely going on.

  • I think hypnosis might help but let’s not totally depend on it as a remedy to fight surgery pains.

  • Thanks for the video, I knew that hypnosis can help with stress and even for stop smoking, but how it is used in place of anesthesia during surgery is amazing. Lets see how the studies go.

  • This is one of the real challenges with the whole medical profession. If you can’t spend millions of dollars on studies and scientific measurement, then any type of therapy is thrown out. Basically use the drugs because we have the data that they do something measurable. But for things like hypnosis and acupuncture, there is no real or measurable data, but yet people get benefit from them.

    Lack of scientific proof also opens us up to all sorts of fraud as well, but I am more inclined to take a shot with non evasive techniques that start popping pills, regardless of how well they have been tested.

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